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Regarding an automobile, each part is important to guarantee the operation of each of its systems. Find an automobile spare parts portfolio with diverse lines that help you boost your business, such as steering and suspension systems, brakes, bearings and oil seals, clutches, engine parts, electrical parts, lubrication, filtration, refrigeration, wipers and lighting.

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Additives and chemicals

The additive and chemical ́s portfolio have complementary additives for gasol ine and diesel engines. 

Control cables

In the steel cables portfolio you can find solutions to operate the gear lever, hand brake, trunk lid, the hood.

Combustion and injection

In the combustion and injection portfolio you can find different oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, spark plugs.


In the clutch portfolio you will find two large product groups; first, we offer everything related to the clutch as


In the filtration portfolio you can find oil, air, cabin and gasoline filters.They are available as urea and hydraulic


In the brakes portfolio you will find everything related to spare parts for hydraulic braking systems, brake


The lubricants portfolio is composed of the brand WOLF LUBRICANTS, which has more than 60 years of

Engine parts

The engine parts portfolio is divided into maintenance and repair. For the repair segment you can find pistons,

Electrical parts

In the electrical parts portfolio you find spare parts such as spark plugs with a wide portfolio of standard (U-


In the refrigeration portfolio you will find spare parts such as cooling fans, fan clutches, thermostats, radiators

Oil seals and seals

In the seals portfolio you find applications for wheels, crankshaft, camshaft, pinion (speed) and


Add to your inventory a specialized portfolio of 6000 series bearings, wheel hubs, engine bearings,

Transmission system

The transmission system parts allow all the power of the engine to be lead to the wheels so it is turned it into

Steering and suspension

In the steering and suspension systems portfolio you find standard shock absorbers and struts shock 


In the wide visibility portfolio you will find windshield whipers with connectors such as hook, top closure,