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For the pneumatic brake segment, used mainly in passenger and heavy duty vehicles, you will find replacement parts such as brake pads and discs. You can also find solutions for drum brake with mechanical adjusters, brake hardware kit, as well as brake lungs.

It is not worth taking risks with your customers' braking system, that is why we suugest to add quality ICHIBAN brand products to your portfolio. Fisrt, you find ICHIBAN´s brake pads which have a Heavy Duty quality semi-metallic compound with an electro-welded metal-friction mesh for better fixation between these 2 pieces; this is an important technological innovation that provide greater efficiency in braking performance. You can find Geomet 360 technology for both, passenger vehicles and heavy duty vehicles, which has an anti-corrosive coating that helps improve the disc performance when used under high temperature conditions avoiding oxidation. Additionally, al lof them complianced the required standards such as the European ECE R90. 

In orden to achieve superior performance in the comercial vehicles braking system from European origin, the FEBI brake line offers brake discs that are manufactured for daily use expecting optimal performance under extreme conditions. 

When commercial vehicles are being repaired, it is essential to carry out a complete maintenance. Therefore, we suggest you to offer in your portfolio high replacement parts such as: air brake chambers or air brakes; slack adjusters that are designed to provide maximum safety and confidence, control and play preventing excessive brake wear and constant checks for road failures, and so reducing costs and downtime; brake hardware kit which helps to keep the system aligned and allow the drum brake system to function efficiently. 

Finally, remember to add to the hydraulic brake parts line, the parts that have a high maintanance demand and belong to recognized brands such as: PHC VALEO, ICHIBAN; BGF; FIC AND NAKAMOTO.