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The brakes portfolio that you will find in Benitomo is composed of brake pads, brake discs, brake shoes, front and rear brake drums, panel and rear front brake, sprocket mounting drum and brake fluid.

Find three different types of brake pads in the portfolio: ICHIBAN, these are made out of semi-metallic materials which have a special FF friction coefficient for users who stay on their motorcycle all day and need precise braking; ICHIMAX whose ceramic components and GG friction coefficient are ideal for users with long commutes from home to work or who travel long distances on the weekend as it has a greater tolerance to temperatures; they are also suitable for more than 200 CC motorcycles. Another product available in our brake portfolio is the ICHIMAX sintered pads which are manufactured to withstand higher temperatures and pressure, and so achieving greater braking capacity even at high speeds thanks to their HH friction coefficient.

In the brake disc portfolio you can find completely rigid conventional discs for low cylinder capacity motorcycles which has a wear indicator to recognize the moment for its next change; floating brake discs that are made up of three parts: the rigid one that is installed on the motorcycle, the rotor bobbins circlip, and the braking friction track for high cylinder capacity motorcycles which are subjected to high speeds that might cause vibrations and the control could be lost easily.

We still find motorcycles that use drum brakes, a system that has little cooling, a reason why the material of these parts should be important. According to this, Ichiban offers bands that are made of aluminum body which dissipate heat and have semi-metallic friction material with GG friction coefficient.

In the portfolio you can also find other spare parts that complement the braking system such as: brake pumps and rear, and front brake panels, chain sprocket holders that are made out of aluminum alloy, a light and strong material that gives them a high corrosion resistance; and the drums which come with their rubbers for easy installation and need less service time at the workshop. These parts are available from the ICHIBAN brand.

Finally, you can find brake fluids from the WOLF brand which meets all international standards for all types of brake systems, both ABS and conventional.