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Electrical parts 

The electrical system is as essential as the engine in motorcycles. Multiple functions depend on its components allowing the correct operation of a certain task. In the electrical parts portfolio you can find Iridium Power spark plugs, excellent performance parts for powerful ignition without excess spark, and U-Groove spark plugs that are designed to improve fuel efficiency in response to increased acceleration; both products are DENSO brand.

Discover and offer your customers excellent performance and durability for each motorcycle with Hibari´s brand different types of batteries. First, the conventional type battery which has caps that allow the maximum and minimum electrolyte levels to be periodically checked. In addition, the portfolio inlcudes the maintenance-free battery suitable for low and medium cylinder motorcycles since it has a longer service life and is activated at the time of purchase. Next comes the factory activated battery which is available for low and medium displacement motorcycles and is ready to be used. Finally, you will find Lithium batteries which provide a higher starting power and a lower discharge rate since they are lighter, their durability and resistance are highlighted.

The electrical parts portfolio is complemented by quality and superior performance parts that have additional protection at the ends offering airtightness which protects it from dirt or moisture. These parts are voltage regulators, ignition switches, ignition coils; horn and flashers; starter relay and stator coil generator. All oft them backed by HIBARI´s reliability.