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Engine parts

The engine is the heart of a motorcycle's operation, therefore every replacement part for this system must be of high quality. BENITOMO is always thinking of providing safe mobility solutions, and so it has developed a complete line NPC brand offering: 

The Camshaft which is responsible for distributing the engine cycles; the rocker arms that are heat-treated on the surface to work in synchrony with the camshaft; the engine valves kit (intake and exhaust) that are made with antimagnetic materials to be resistant to high temperature and friction; the valve stem seals made out of Viton, a material that works very well with friction, aggressive materials and heat, allowing the seals to maintain their shape and an optimal sealed, and avoiding external agents in the combustion chamber; the valve guides that have an internal heat treatment; the cylinder block kit which have: a cylinder block, piston and RIK piston ring set; the piston which has the main role in the four engine´s cycles (intake, compression, expansion and exhaust); the piston kit developed with a higher concentration of silicon which makes it possible to avoid premature deterioration due to friction and heat; the connecting rod kit that has an original equipment quality and consists of the connecting rod, pin and KUZ type bearing that has a component whose performance makes it suitable for engines that operate at very high speed or under high load conditions.

Additionally, none of these parts could work properly without all the external components due to ignition or communication such as distribution chains in charge of transmitting information to the piston, and thus, allowing the motorcycle to keep running well; distribution kit including guides, a chain, chain tightener, automatic tighteners and distribution gears; starter clutch components which help generate engine inertia; and finally, the oil pump which is in charge of guaranteeing correct lubrication at all times and under all conditions.

On the other hand, one can find parts for the engine sealing such as a gasket set available in the OEM VEDAMOTORS quality brand. They are made out of rubber and aramid powder that makes a perfect hermetic seal when the gasket is heated avoiding the use of silicone and providing optimal torque. They are designed on paper with an anti-stick coating preventing them from adhering to the metal parts of the engine and breaking.