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Motorcycles travel unlimited kilometers and each part is essential for its proper functioning. In the motorcycle spare parts portfolio you find various lines such as suspension, brakes, bearings, engine parts, electrical parts, lubrication, filtration, refrigeration, and lighting that help you boost your business.

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Additives and chemicals

In the additive and chemical ́s portfolio you can find complementary additives. Chemicals such as

Control cables

In the control cables portfolio for your retail business you will find steel or control cables for motorcycles that roll


The clutch is a set of parts that is articulated with great precision to separate or unite the engine rotation


Filters are essential components for m o t o r c y c l e s e n g i n e p r o p e r functioning. The motorcycles service


The brakes portfolio that you will find in Benitomo is composed of brake pads, brake discs, brake shoes, front


Do you want to ensure the highest quality standards of the oil that you recommend to your customers? To do

Engine parts

The engine is the heart of a motorcycle's operation, therefore every replacement part for this

Electrical parts

The electrical system is as essential as the engine in motorcycles. Multiple functions depend on its components

Oil seals and seals

Find parts that guarantee durability and excellent performance for the motorcycle parts industry with SOG


For motorcycle ́s refrigeration you will find the WOLF brand, a ready-to-use ethylene glycol-based coolant fluid WOLF, un líquido refrigerante con base de etilenglicol, listo


Allow your customers to move forward with high-performance and quality products. Find a broad


The suspension system plays a main role for motorcyc les as it i s responsible for mantaining stability

Transmission system

Regarding motorcycles, it has been used for years that the independent parts involved in the transmission


Offer safety, high quality, durability and a wide automobile lighting portfolio with different ranges and