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Steering and suspension system

In the steering and suspension system portfolio for passenger vehicles, utility vehicles and heavy duty vehicles you find various brands that assures maximum safety and greater performance under the most demanding geographical conditions.

SHIBUMI is a leading brand in steering and suspension systems that has almost 20 years of experience in the market with a wide portfolio to cover the Japanese, American and European vehicle fleet. Shibumi´s products are distributed throughout the continent and meet international quality standards that guarantee optimal performance in the field. 

HIBUMI has the 4WD SERIES technology that was developed to meet the demands of high performance transportation. Shibumi offers to the market more robust parts that are made of high quality materials and that have been specially designed for vehicles that travel with high loads since the part´s life is prolonged. In SHIBUMI´s wide portfolio you can find: shock absorbers, 4WD SERIES tie rod ends, 4WD SERIES ball joints and 45-50 and 60 mm gimbal supports.

FEBI is a traditional brand in the auto parts market, and due to its high quality standards, has a large participation in the world market. FEBI is an strategic ally offering steering and suspension systems parts, and we have focused on the portfolio´s availability for the European vehicle fleet. Take advantage of the FEBI ´s products availability: tie rod ends and ball joints.

WUHLERMANN is an airbags manufacturer leading global brand that has international quality certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949. The airbags were developed meeting the needs of heavy duty vehicles. Enjoy doing business with this product from the WUHLERMANN brand. You can also count on other two important original equipment brands such as TOKICO and SACHS that are available to go with the shock absorvers portfolio for Japanese and European vehicle fleet.

You will find a complementary portfolio for commercial vehicles that includes parts such as Splinders or King ping from Nakamoto, Nam Yan and King Pin brands.