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If you are looking to offer safety, high quality, durability and a wide products portfolio that guarantee commercial vehicles´ visibility, PHILIPS and VALEO will be great allies for your business in lighting and windshield whipers.

By working with PHILIPS brand, you have more than 100 years of experience in automotive lighting, original equipment from brands such as Jeep, Toyota, Renault, Kia, Ford, Audi, Hyundai, among others. In Philips portfolio you will find halogen lighting and signaling in different ranges and qualities such as: masterduty, a quality that offers 130% more light than a conventional STD bulb and is available in headlamp bulbs in the following references H1/ H3/ H4/ H7; masterlife, a technology that lasts up to 3 times longer guaranteeing lighting for more than 1800 hours, representing savings for final consumers due to the reduction in spare parts that is up to 4 times less in contrast to a conventional light bulb. In addition, the PHILIPS signaling line for standard commercial vehicles offers blister packs or boxes with 10 units of signaling bulbs. Thus, an excellent option regarding lightning solutions to provide your customers with the security of being able to cover all the needs that their vehicles require, both for internal and external use.

On the other hand, the windshield whipers are a completely necessary safety element when driving any vehicle. We know that from every 10 vehicles at the workshop, 8 have a damaged windshield wiper. VALEO brand provides an efficient solution to reduce this indicator by offering a product with aerodynamic properties in the hybrid line and ensuring greater and longer visibility. Unlike other brands, VALEO offers a hinge or junction point that allows the rubber sheet to return to clean effectively in both directions. This structure or armor guarantees direct contact with the glass up to 150 km/h air speed above the windshield and a compact and robust heel that serves to join the sheet to the armor. With this feature the brand is looking to made the difference in the market, and also by optimizing friction with the windshield, avoiding the rubber wear, hardening and aging against changes in temperature, UV rays and pollution.