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Offer safety, high quality, durability and a wide automobile lighting portfolio with different ranges and qualities from Philips original equipment brand. First, the main headlights (high, low and fog lights) are available as halogen lighting from STD / EXTRA DUTY / MOTO VISION Halogen Lighting. And, to complete the portfolio you can add STD AND LED technology to your inventory which will provide more illumination for safer driving. 

The power to see and to be seen 

The commitment to your customers is not only about selling them products but also offering parts that help to improve their motorcycle´s active safety. 

In order to be always ready, surprise your customers with HIBARI´s portfolio that offers bulbs for main lighting and signage. In Hibari´s headlights portfolio you can find great quality and excellent price exceeding the performance and durability expectations. We offer HS1 / H4 / H7 / S2 and H4 and H7 in LED technology.